Wild Mountain Thyme

Also known as Purple Heather, and "Will Ye Go Lassie Go", this traditional song is of Scottish Origin.The lyrics and melody are a variant of the song "The Braes of Balquhither" published in 1859 by famed Scottish poet Robert Tannahill and composer Robert Archibald Smith, but were adapted and popularized by Belfast musician Francis McPeake (1885–1971) into "Wild Mountain Thyme" and first recorded by his family in the 1950s. This leads to people believing it is a traditional Irish folk song, instead.


These lyrics are based on the version performed by the Longest Johns on their album, Between Wind and Water.

Oh, the summer time has come
And the trees are sweetly blooming,
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows among the blooming heather

Will you go, lassie, go?
And we'll all go together
To pull wild mountain thyme
All among the blooming heather,
Will you go, lassie, go?

I will build my love a bower
Near yon pure crystal fountain.
And on it I will pile
All the flowers of the mountain.


And if my true love he were gone,
I would surely find another
To pull wild mountain thyme
All among the blooming heather.

{Chorus til Finish}

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