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This wiki was born out of the perceived need for a single location to store song lyrics and musical factoids for handy reference, it is fan-driven and wholly unofficial at this time.

Song lyrics are acquired through the use of the ubiquitous and necessary Mudcat Cafe, one of the most prominent communities of "musicians, historians, and enthusiasts that collect and discuss traditional folk and blues songs..." or through Mainly Norfolk, a fantastic research for compiling folklore on songs. After the closest lyrics are acquired, they are compared with recent transcriptions of livestream events and adjusted for accuracy.

A special shout out to Erian Dragonborn from the Longest Johns community discord server, whose search engine for Longest Johns related video content greatly streamlines the process of finding recordings of their work.

The Longest Johns

A Bristol based, a capella folk music band, born out of a mutual love of traditional folk songs and shanties. They rock maritime songs alongside the more unusual and less traditional folk tunes. Throughout lineup changes, they've consistently taken their harmonies to new heights, whilst always retaining just the right mix of quality and hilarity. Whether performing songs that are hundreds of year old, or their own original creations, the Johns bring a new feel to audiences wherever they go.

The Longest Johns are:

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Administration and Policies

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