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The Curse is eleventh track on Written In Salt

This song is a Longest Johns original , written by Dave Robinson.


These lyrics are based on the version performed by the Longest Johns on their album, Written In Salt.

A young boy I was, barely out of my home
I stepped to the world with a meaning to roam
I signed with a captain who promised me gold
And adventure to quicken the heart of the bold

For fourteen odd years I did struggle alone
For the cause I worked my fingers down to the bone
Saw nought but the scuppers, saw nought of my pay
Then was cast off and sent on my way

A curse upon you, sorrow, fall thick and fast!
Your days have been numbered, each hour your last
May the land, sea or sky turn to swallow you whole
And fore'er ne'er forget what you stole

I found me some cohorts, the bravest and true
No captain was prouder to call such men crew
They could rally a cry and the battle was won
I'd face off a cannon if they but looked on

The mutinous dogs bound my hands while I slept
Swapped their honour for treasures and gold that we kept
Threw me over the side with all kindness I'd shown
Now I've vowed to sail always alone!


I met a fair maiden one round upon shore
I fell for her smile as I'd ne'er done before
I pledged her my world for as long as I lived
I'd have offered her more if I had more to give

My pockets she emptied, still I offered the rest
She obliged and then ripped out the heart from my chest
She set me adrift free to float to world's end
With a bottle as my only friend!


Now maybe there's some of you wondering hence
Not all parts of my life fit together with sense
If these are your thoughts allow me to explain
Listen close now for I will not say it again

I curse you yourself with the doubts that you've shown
For this is my life and I've made it my own
Walk your path and you'll have your own stories in time
To that day I shall drink just to mine

{Chorus til Finish}