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A traditional shanty from the US and Canada. The earliest collected lyrics appear to date to 1882. It is referenced by Doerflinger and Hugill amongst other collectors of folk songs. It is sometimes called Shiloh Brown or Challo Brown.

It was popularized by Peter Bellamy.

This song appears on a number of livestreams for the Longest Johns.


Hugill refers to the term Challo as being a West Indies slang term meaning someone of mixed-race, but there doesn't seem to be any actual academic evidence to support this claim, and all references to the term seem to link back to Hugill. After combing more than half a dozen lexicons and dictionaries of 19th century slang, no referent to Challo, Chalo, or variation of Shilo was found. This makes Hugill's claim spurious.


These lyrics are based on the version performed by the Longest Johns in their Livestreams, the original lyrics can be found below.

It's farewell me Juliana (Shallow, o shallow brown) And it's goodbye me Juliana (Shallow, o shallow brown)

For I'll get me clothes in order Yes I'll get me clothes in order

For the packet leaves tomorrow Yes the packet leaves tomorrow

For me wife and baby grieve me, And it breaks my heart to leave thee,

And it's farewell me Juliana And it's good bye me Juliana

For I love to gaze upon you And to spend me money on you

O you are me only treasure And I love ye still full measure

In me cradle lies me baby I don't want no other lady

O my wife and baby grieve me It just breaks me heart to leave ye

For I'm bound away to leave ye But I never will deceive ye

Fare the well me Juliana Fare thee well, me Juliana