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Having joined the band officially (public facebook announcement in  August 7, 2015 ) just ahead of Bristol's 2015 Severn Seas Festival, Robbie is the Second baritone in the Longest Johns.

Robbie is an accomplished performer, both as a musician and a composer. Robbie plays guitar as well as bass, and is a skilled keyboardist as well as a drummer. Robbie has been credited as a producer and sound engineer on a number of albums and youtube videos, including a number of videos recorded by Katie Sky. 

Robbie previously performed as a guitarist with the band On Off Switch, but the band appears to have gone their separate ways in 2010. Though an album was available via myspace, a recent Myspace purge appears to have wiped out the content. Three tracks from the band survive on youtube, "Gotta Know ", "Like That " and "Take a Shot " and Robbie's guitar work can be heard in them.