One More Pull

Written and composed by the late Ian Woods of Suffolk and Cheshire, written in approximately 1980 and recorded by Ian with Charley Yarwood on their album "Hooks and Nets."

Of the song, Ian once wrote:

"One More Pull" - Written some twenty five years ago. Charley Yarwood and I recorded it in 1982 on "Hooks and Nets". Twenty years later people still come up and request it, which is very satisfying. As I said then it's just a love song - no special social significance.


These lyrics are based on the version performed by the Longest Johns in their livestreams, the original lyrics can be found here.

It's been a long time since you've seen her
Could have been three years or more.
Will she be waiting when we dock, boys
Or like others will she be gone?

It's one more pull boys, that'll do boys
Soon we'll draw alongside.
Hoist her upwards boys, swing her inboard
For the journey's nearly done.

Well you're looking mighty smart, boy
Dressed up in your number ones
You've scrounged a new blade from the purser
To take the bum-fluff from off your chin.


When we've fixed those bow and stern lines
And you've scuttled down the gangway
If she's waiting there, just kiss her
Turn around, give us a smile.


Well, we too will go ashore soon
(Get drunk in the clubs and bars,)
Then stagger homeward, pockets empty
Like so many nights before.


Well a man may take a wife, boy
And a man may take a mistress,
But a sailor has his ship, boys
And his mistress it is the sea.

{Chorus til Finish}
For the journey now is done.

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