The Longest Song Wiki

One of the founding members of The Longest Johns, JD sings bass and mainly plays guitar, though he also plays several other instruments, including mandolin and double bass.

JD has extensive experience as a musician, and has a history as an actor in a number of musical theatre productions. He has played in several bands, including This Eden (also featuring Sam Darley, long-time moderator in the TLJ online community), The Vapour Trails, The Boulevards (along with Andy), The Southern Sons (also with Andy), The Bean Baker Band, Hot Pursuit, and Lucy John Paul. In addition, he appeared in Andy's project For Want of Rain, and he has performed with Fisherman's Friends as a stand-in. He also has experience as a music teacher and composer, though details of his compositions are scarce.

Apart from music, JD has also launched a successful voice-acting career working with Inimitable, a Bristol-based voice acting agency, and is credited on numerous advertisements, including spots for Lexus, Barclays, and Marriott Hotels. He also co-founded Caraway Studios, a media production company that handles videography for music videos and weddings.