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Originating from Ciderpunk band, the Dreadnoughts of Vancouver BC. This song was written to give tribute to Cidre Joli Rouge, a cidery in Saguenay(Quebec, Canada) operated by their friend. As such, a vast majority of the place names and products mentioned are references to Canada.

The only exceptions are the obvious references to France, Italy, and the Caribbean island of Martinique. Martinique is the outlier here, as it is one of the many Caribbean islands that used to supply Canada with rum via trade (both legal and otherwise) through the French island of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, and the east coast Canadian provinces as well as Quebec.

You can find Cidre Joli Rouge here.


Saguenay is the name of both a river and the city that sits upon it (across the river from Chicoutimi), in Quebec.

Magners is a cider manufactured in British Columbia near the pacific west coast, in or around Vancouver.

Strongbow, though primarily exported from England, is also regularly bottled in a number of places worldwide. Most Strongbow in Canada is bottled in and around Toronto, Ontario.


These lyrics are based on the version sung by the Longest Johns in their livestreams.

From France we get the Brandy, from Martinique the rum
Sweet red Cabernet, from Italy does come
But the fairest of ‘em all, me boys, the one to beat the day
Is made from apples up the mighty Saguenay

So, follow me lads!
'Cause this ain't no grog or ale!
One pint down, you'll be swingin' in the gale!
Five pints, bully, you'll be shaking in your shoes!
We're half-seas over on the Joli Rouge!

She's called the Dreadnought Cider, she's proper and she's fine
And when the day is over, sure, I wish that she were mine
Or in the dark of winter, or on a summer's eve
Oh, one hand giveth and the other doth receive


So turn your sails over, and bring her hard to port
Find that little star and fly straight into the north
The wild sun upon your back, the wind a-blowing free
You're rolling down the river boys to old Chicoutimi


So you can have a Magners and pour it over ice
Or you can have a Strongbow if it's sadness that you like
Or join us up the river, and we'll set your heart aglow
And how you'll feel when the real cider starts to flow

{Chorus x2}