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"Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate" is a naval traditional song that was sung by British Royal Navy sailors in the Napoleonic Era.


These lyrics are based off the version sung in their Quarantine stream from March 18th

Safe and sound at home again, let the waters roar, Jack.
  Safe and sound at home again, let the waters roar, Jack.

Long we've tossed on the rolling main, now we're safe ashore, Jack.
Don't forget yer old shipmate, faldee raldee raldee raldee rye-eye-doe!

Since we sailed from Plymouth Sound, four years gone, or nigh, Jack.
Was there ever chummies, now, such as you and I, Jack?


We have worked the self-same gun, quarterdeck division.
Sponger I and loader you, through the whole commission.


Oftentimes have we laid out, toil nor danger fearing,
Tugging out the flapping sail to the weather earring.


When the middle watch was on, and the time went slow, boy,
Who could choose a rousing stave, who like Jack or Joe, boy?


There she swings, an empty hulk, not a soul below now.
Number seven starboard mess misses Jack and Joe now.


But the best of friends must part, fair or foul the weather.
Hand yer flipper for a shake, now a drink together.

{Chorus x2}