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The first full length studio album by The Longest Johns, and was also the first album they recorded as a five-piece group.

Written in Salt was released June 18, 2016, it was recorded on April 7, 2016. The album was released independently but like Bones in the Ocean, was recorded at Caedmon Studios. Robbie Sattin, JD, and Abbie Darley are credited with the engineering and editing of the album. Aled Jenkins returned to assist in the recording process for Drunken Sailor. The Mastering was completed by Paul Worthington of Broadwater Studios. Abbie Darley is also credited alongside Laura Smith for the album art.

The album was reviewed by Darren Johnson of Bright Young Folk not long after release. Of the album, Darren said:

Written in Salt is a fine debut album from five guys who are able to apply their considerable vocal and creative talents to both revisiting traditional shanties and contributing new ones to the genre.

Of the Album's 13 tracks, 7 of them were Longest Johns originals.

  1. Barge Ballad
  2. Eliza Lee
  3. The Grey Funnel Line
  4. On the Railroad
  5. Anne Louise (Instrumental)
  6. Old Maui
  7. Three Score & Ten
  8. Randy Dandy-O
  9. John Paul Jones is a Pirate
  10. All at Sea
  11. The Curse
  12. The Milkmaid
  13. Drunken Sailor

At the time of recording, the band was Andy Yates (baritone), Josh Bowker (tenor), Jonathan Darley (bass), Robbie Sattin (baritone) and Dave Robinson (tenor)

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