The Longest Song Wiki

This was a London street ballad printed in a number of small printed pamplets and songbooks in the early 1900s. Though the earliest written form of the song directly refers to the song as though it were commonly sung and not written by any particular author.

Though it has been noted by numerous authors that the song originated in Cornwall, there is no actual evidence to support this other than Peter Kennedy having collected the song in Cadgwith in 1953. Its entry in a Naval song book predates that reference by nearly 50 years.It has been sung since by a wide variety of artists, not the least of which are Dick Gaughan, Tommy Morissey, and Steeleye Span.

It is a rarely sung piece for the Longest Johns, and can only be found on the occasional Livestream.


These lyrics are based on those sung by the the Longest Johns in their livestreams.

Come fill up your glasses
(and let us be merry!)
For to rob and to plunder
(it is our intent!)

As we roam through the valleys,
Where the lily, and the roses,
And the beauty of Kashmir lay drooping its head.
Then away, (then away,) then away,(then away),then away!
To those caves in yonder mountains where the robbers retreat.

Hark, hark, in the distance
(there's footsteps approaching!)
Stand! stand and deliver!
(it is our watch cry!)


So we stuffed up our pockets,
(With gold and with jew-els!),
And we made for the forest,
(with the hounds in full cry!)


Come fill up your glasses,
(and let us be merry!),
as the moonbeams are shining,
(right over our beds!),