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The second full length studio album by The Longest Johns, Between Wind and Water was released June 19, 2018 two years (almost to the day) after their last. It was recorded on or around April 14, 2018.

The album was reviewed by Fritz Balwit of Audiophile Audition. Of the album, Fritz said:

I have been enthralled at the purity of their folk music, a cappella[sic] prowess. Harmonies are well-wrought, voices of the most pleasing sonics, and a majestic bass supporting things from below who can rattle the floorboards. In the most recent release, a female member adds a honeyed mezzo to the mix.

The album features a number of arrangements of traditional folk songs and shanties, and concludes with JD reading a mock shipping forecast.

Track List

  1. Haul Away Joe
  2. Santiana
  3. Wellerman
  4. Mingulay Boat Song
  5. General Taylor
  6. Woodpile
  7. Off to Sea
  8. Banks of Newfoundland
  9. Spanish Ladies
  10. Pay Me My Money Down
  11. Crossing the Bar
  12. Blow the Man Down
  13. Sugar in the Hold
  14. Wild Mountain Thyme
  15. Shipping Forecast (Bonus Track)