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This song is a stub! It doesn't appear to have been recorded on a livestream, youtube video, or album from the Longest Johns yet!

As such, the lyrics may not be accurate to their performed version, or even the correct song.

The arbitrary present assumed version of this song is The Banks of the Lee as recorded by Silly Wizard.


These lyrics are based on the most likely match to the song title listed on the Longest John's Stream Song List.

Where true lovers meet beneath the green bower
Where true lovers meet out beneath the green tree
And Mary, fond Mary, she says unto her true love
"You have stolen my young heart from the Banks of the Lee"

For I loved her very dearly, most true and sincerely
There was no one in this wide world I loved more than she
Every bush and every bower, every wild Irish flower
Reminds me of my Mary, on the banks of the Lee

"Don't stay out too late, love, on the moorlands, my Mary
Don't stay out too late, love, on the moorlands for me"
But it's little was my notion when we parted by the ocean
That we were forever partin' by the Banks of the Lee


I will pull my love some roses, some wild Irish roses
I will pull my love her some roses, the fairest e'er seen
And I'll lay them on the graveside of my own dear darlin' Mary
On that cold and silent grave where she sleeps 'neath the dew

{Chorus til end}