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Anne Louise

The Anne Louise exists in two recordings, appearing first on Bones in the Ocean and reappearing as an instrumental featured on Written In Salt.  This song is a Longest Johns original , written by Josh Bowker.


Oh the Anne Louise is waiting for crew to jump aboard,

to take her out to deeper waters further from the shore,

for it's quiet and still in the harbour, not a voice to be heard in the bay

but the wind's coming down from norway and there's plenty to be done today

{Chorus} Oh, cast off me lads, we'll set the sails harding, 'cause she's been gasping for some action out on the open seas, oh there's nothing quite like pitching along at dangerous speeds, with my hand on the tiller of my sky blue westerly

Oh we've coffee and we've bacon and we've everything on board, so cried the crew: "cast off from this safe haven we've been moored, for there's salt wind in our lungs boys and salt blood in our veins, but the wind's coming down from Norway making horses beyond the cranes


Oh she may be kind of small but she's got everything and more, for a crew of hopeless sea-dogs to lose sight of the shore, oh we may be back in a month or we may be back in a day, but the wind's coming down from Norway and there's no way that we can stay


Oh the Anne Louise has had her fill and now we must away, to walk upon the shores and share the stories of the day, oh we may sleep well in our beds tonight and we may not be back here for days, but the wind's coming down from Norway and our dreams will be on the waves

{Chorus x2 til finish}